IMPACT Online Self-Assessment Youth Entrepreneurship Program

15 FREE Online Entrepreneurial Self Assessments

Designed for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The IMPACT Youth Entrepreneurship Self-Assessments Program consists of 15 FREE interactive online assessments designed to assess the entrepreneurial skills of *young and aspiring entrepreneurs and students.

*young (approx. 16 – 34 years)

Young People

The IMPACT Program is Already Generating High Impact

The Program has already proven to create a major entrepreneurial impact on youth by focusing on building their entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviours.

The IMPACT Program Focuses on 3 Strategic Competency Areas

3 Strategic Business Competency Areas were chosen to drive the 15 online assessments to support young people with the important guiding principles and skills needed to start and develop a sustainable business.

  1. Explore Entrepreneurial Ideas and Recognize Opportunities
  2. How to Put Business Ideas into Action
  3. The Essential Resources Needed to Start a Business

Reasons to Take the IMPACT Program.

Do you Ever Question or are Curious about Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Abilities? Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential Today!

Who the Program is Designed For

The Program is designed for teachers, educators, youth workers and young people. To be taken online either on your own or as part of a classroom or group. Once complete individual users can measure their entrepreneurial competencies, check their progress, and compare their results.

When you take the IMPACT Assessments you will be able to tap into your existing skills and abilities and sharpen your potential entrepreneurial capacity. After taking these assessments (take them all together or one by one) you can expect to learn what skills you need to improve on and how to be a better entrepreneur. Once you complete each assessment you will receive individualized feedback tailored to your needs. You will understand and focus on how you can…

  • Tap into Your Mission & Vision: Learn how to develop a Mission Statement and Vision as a key activity that will determine the success of your project or venture.
  • Unleash Your Creative Power: Develop your thinking and creativity skills for creative problem-solving and identifying innovative new ideas.
  • Get in the Game Changer Zone: Get in the information and knowledge exchange zone so you can receive support to guide each aspect of your business or idea.
  • Gain Traction Through Synergies: Understand synergies, exploiting resources and the power of collaboration to gain the benefit of working with others rather than alone.
  • Maximize Business Results: Move the needle to get effective results that are meaningful to your company’s vision and overall business goals.
  • Bring Yourself to The Solutions Table: Equip yourself with what you need when you are knee-deep in a challenging situation or unforeseen circumstance.
  • Brainstorm with Attitude: Learn how to reinvent the wheel, identify opportunities, be efficient, maximize staff potential, and generate new ideas and clever solutions to company challenges.
  • Feel Empowerment at Your Core: Feel empowered to make focused, strategic decisions even when you must manage lots of moving parts
  • Identify Immediate Results: Learn how to identify low-hanging fruit so you can produce immediate and beneficial results.
  • Drill Down to the Benefits: Activate a thorough investigation of your idea, or project to uncover important details that will be most beneficial to your company’s future endeavours.


Young People

Designed particularly with young people and potential young entrepreneurs in mind the IMPACT self-assessment tool is completely free, dynamic, engaging, interactive and online. Young people get to self identify their entrepreneurial skills and understand the areas of competence they need to improve or develop their entrepreneurial proficiency.

Educators, teachers and trainers can use the tool to measure young people’s competences as well as their progress. Therefore the tool will enable educators to improve their pedagogical capacities for teaching and developing entrepreneurial skills. They will do this by using the tool to measure the existing entrepreneurial competencies of their students. They will then be able to improve their existing learning environments based on the tool results and incorporate non-formal education practices.

How to get involved in the IMPACT Project? IMPACT invite young people to participate in educational activities to develop their entrepreneurial skills which will happen over the course of the projects two years. Educators are also invited to participate in the development and testing out of the IMPACT tool.

Young People

How to Take the IMPACT Program!

There are Two Ways to Take the Program Inclusive of 15 Online Assessments

The Program covers in dept 3 key business competency areas that bring the user through a series of 15 online strategic assessments using a customized, self-directed, interactive online survey-type tool. There are over 55 questions, and each assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once all is complete the user will have awareness and knowledge of their entrepreneurial abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge. There are no right or wrong answers the objective is to end up with individualized results so users know what to work on to become better entrepreneurs. The 3 key business competency areas are.

  1. Exploring Entrepreneurial Ideas and Recognizing Opportunities
  2. How to Put Business Ideas into Action
  3. The Essential Resources Needed to Start a Business

Take the Program Anywhere on Your Own!

If you are curious and want to get started then be my guest! Take the assessments right now if you can’t wait any longer and get ready to understand your entrepreneurial skills and abilities. You can take the 15 assessments either one by one or all together. If you get tired or haven’t time, then come back later and finish where you left off. Once each assessment is completed you will receive feedback to determine what you need to focus on or work on to become a better entrepreneur. Once you have worked on the feedback, it is suggested that you come back and re-do the assessments to see if you have improved your entrepreneurial skills or if you need to go back and do more work.


Use the Program to Support Your Education Course, Training or Youth Work

If you are a teacher, educator or youth worker, this program is designed with you in mind to be used as a FREE educational tool. Share either all 15 assessments or one at a time with your student(s) to gain access to their entrepreneurial skills and potential. You will receive individual assessment results in both qualitative and quantitative values once a student finishes his/her assessment. You can gauge and score your student(s) entrepreneurial results, abilities, skills, and knowledge either on a one-to-one basis or as a group. Educators can get their student(s) to take the assessments as a pre and post-course assessment support tool to gauge competence development.

If you are an educator, youth worker or teacher you can use the assessments as an assessment support tool. The Program is designed based on EntreComp and The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.

About the Developers of the IMPACT Program

The Program was developed by a network of partners from Poland, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal who have collaborated from different entrepreneurial and educational fields across Europe. The aim was to develop an online program that young people and educators could use to gain access to individual customized results that clearly demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills and ultimately steer them towards a more achievable entrepreneurial career pathway.



IMPACT is an Erasmus+ project developed by a network of partners from Poland, Spain, Ireland and Portugal who have collaborated from different entrepreneurial fields across Europe.